Anna Danielewicz & Harry Maberly
Platform 2019 Artist Talks

Anna Danielewicz, Autocue, 2017. Photo: Felix Welch

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Join us for an introductory tour of Platform: 2019 with the artists Anna Danielewicz and Harry Maberly. 

Spaces limited - booking neccessary.


Driven by research into fantasy fiction and environmental responsibility, Anna Danielewicz considers critical ecological questions by exploring the relationships between human and non-human subjects. Voun Town is based on a speculative fiction story about Vouns, a species who exist between verbs and nouns. Danielewicz expands her fiction beyond writing itself to include sculpture and video in an installation environment.

Documenting his efforts and motivations as a Kate Bush fan, Harry Maberly makes re-creations of the music videos for Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Babooshka’. Combining performance and film, he investigates the phenomenon of fandom and the role of re-enactment in society’s consumption and regurgitation of mass media.

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Saturday 24 August 


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The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art
76-78 Lauriston Place,
Edinburgh, EH3 9DE