Callum Innes: The Regent Bridge, 2012​

Callum Innes, The Regent Bridge, 2012. Photo by Stuart Armit.

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The Regent Bridge is Callum Innes's first light-based work: a simple intervention which floods a dark tunnel on Calton Road with colour to reveal the magnificent architecture of the Regent Bridge above. Working with architect and lighting artist Gavin Fraser, of FOTO-MA Lighting Architects, Innes has evolved a scheme that transforms the flat sides of the lower arch at street level into an illuminating plinth of floating colour. The work follows a series of set rules to create a structured and yet deliberately random order of coloured light, revealing and lifting the giant curve of the arch. 

Commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and Ingleby. Accessible 24 hours a day. Best experienced in darkness.

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All year round
Disabled Access


The Regent Bridge, Calton Road
Under Waterloo Place,
Edinburgh, EH8 8DL


0131 226 6558

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