John Busby: Silent Landscape

John Busby (1928-2015), Twelve-winded Sky, oil, 1956. Images courtesy of Joan Busby/Open Eye Gallery. Photo: Jed Gordon.

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The Open Eye Gallery presents a large-scale exhibition centring on the distinctive landscape paintings by celebrated avian artist John Busby. Featuring many previously unseen paintings, all held by the artist’s estate, this exhibition shows Busby’s avid passion for panoramas and ‘bird’s eye views’ undertaken during his prolific career. Busby has long been renowned as a ‘bird artist’. A fascination since childhood, the inspiration drawn from them was direct and immediate. Landscape, however, has always been at the centre of his art. His long acquaintance with the surrounding environment allowed deep connections to take root - the land, clouds and seas transformed into metaphors for an inner state of being.

Presenting an extensive collection of Busby’s lesser known landscape paintings, this exhibition will explore the relationship between form and content; the shape, colour and compositional energy of these works expressing a much deeper level of contemplation.


29 July – 2 September

Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 4pm

Disabled Access


Open Eye Gallery
34 Abercromby Place,
Edinburgh, EH3 6QE