Damien Cifelli
Tarogramma Archive

Damien Cifelli, Citizens, 2019. Courtesy of the artist. 

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Damien Cifelli presents Tarogramma Archive – a collection of artefacts and images that reveal the history of this hidden land.

Shrouded from the eyes of the world, the hidden civilisation of Tarogramma has long existed in parallel with our own.

All that is known about the place exists in the objects recovered from the wrecks of fateful expeditions or the detailed testimonies of the few who have returned. Portraits of the inhabitants, flags, artefacts, posters and jewellery are displayed alongside architectural models, drawings and records from the many expeditions.


Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute. 


25 July—16 August


25 July—7 August
Italian Cultural Institute
Mon—Thu, 10am—5pm, Fri, 10am—12noon

10—16 August
The Dundas Street Gallery
Daily, 10am—7pm


Various venues