Lewis Bissett, BIG BBY. Courtesy of the artist. 

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place+platform present UNKENNY – an unsettling site-specific exhibition showcasing strangely familiar art oddities within the unique surrounds of a junk shop.

Canny stems from the Anglo-Saxon root ken: “knowledge, understanding, cognizance; mental perception: an idea beyond one’s ken”. Thus, the uncanny is something outside one’s familiar knowledge or perceptions, something known but still not familiar.

D’ye ken?

Selected artists explore the eerie relationship between things at once familiar and unfamiliar during a number of residencies at Settlement Projects. Sigmund Freud once stated “The uncanny was not to be found in the exotic but the everyday.” Artists’ responses will be showcased amongst the everyday items found within the shop on Leith Walk.

Ken what I’m sayin’?

Supported by Settlement Projects. 


9—17 August

Daily, 10am—5.30pm



The Settlement Projects
34a Haddington Place,
Edinburgh, EH7 4AG