Sriwhana Spong
Artist Talk

St. Teresa of Ávila. Juan de Rojas y Ausa (1622–1685). Representaciones de la verdad vestida, misticas, morales, y alegoricas, sobre las siete moradas de Santa Teresa de Jesus. Madrid: Antonio Gonçalez de Reyes, 1679.

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The artist introduces their new commission and talks about their wider practice. 

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Sriwhana Spong (New Zealand, lives and works in London) is interested in the relationship between the body and language. Her new film castle-crystal begins with the writings of the 16th century mystic St Teresa of Avila (the subject of feminist Julia Kristeva’s novel Teresa: My Love), whose book The Interior Castle imagines a castle-crystal, a fictional space that gives Teresa the courage to write. Spong is interested in how Teresa’s imaginary castle creates a free space for the imagination and discourse, and offers an image of a vast interiority, a space in which women can authorise their own speaking.

The idea of text as architecture or architecture as text, is further explored in relation to a 12th century Javanese poem, the Bhomāntaka, alongside the personal tale of a family bathroom. The film traces these intimate dwellings to consider fictional spaces as important sites for sparking visions of possible futures and future bodies. 

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Saturday 3 August 




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