Intimate: a portrait

Jennifer McRae, Past, present, future: tracing the female line, 2018.

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Intimate: a portrait presents close and personal portraiture, including painting, sculpture and photography, by living and twentieth century artists whose sitters are closest to them. Scottishness links the artists, be that birth, training or home. Ishbel Mysercough and Jennifer McRae’s detailed but informal observations number amongst the artists whose subject is family. Other sitters are confidants and mentors, including Alison Watt and Eduardo Paolozzi. For some, the portrayal is less direct, with Will Maclean’s boxed assemblage recalling his uncle in objects. Each work captures the essence of an individual known in a very particular way by the artist.


25 July – 31 August 

Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat, 11am – 4pm



The Fine Art Society
6 Dundas St,
Edinburgh , EH3 6HZ