The Parish Church of St Cuthbert: Bill Viola: Three Women

Bill Viola, Three Women, 2008. Photo: Kira Perov. 

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Three Women is part of the Transfigurations series by internationally acclaimed video artist Bill Viola, and his wife and close collaborator, Kira Perov. Transfiguration is generally defined as “an exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change.” In this work, the mother and her daughters enact a transfiguration when they choose to pass through the threshold of water and briefly enter an illuminated realm.

By exploring such universal human experiences as spirituality, birth, and death, Viola’s videos communicate to a wide audience, allowing viewers to engage with the work in their own personal ways. 


1 May — 30 September 

Opening times vary, please contact 07718 311 319 to check availability.


The Parish Church of St Cuthbert
5 Lothian Road,
Edinburgh, EH1 2EP