Derrick Guild: Ever After

Derrick Guild, "Label Anne Hyde", after Sir Peter Lely, 2019.

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Ever After is an ongoing dialogue of Derrick Guild’s knowledge and understanding of art history. Ever After is also the title of an individual work which is made up of forty individual miniature works which relate to portraits by Sir Peter Lely, Sir Anthony van Dyck, Sir Henry Raeburn and Pompeo Batoni. Details and fragments which include eyes, mouth, ears, jewellery and clothing are presented within small oval frames connected by fine gold chain. They are reconfigured to create a dialogue which speaks of the sensuality of miniatures, the process of painting and the act of looking. The work will function as part wall jewellery, part large group portrait. The paintings reference historical painting from the collections of museums across Europe, with particular focus on the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

‘The fluidity of styles, fashions and painterly handling that moved freely between countries is something that seems of paramount importance today, perhaps portraiture is a truly European language.’

Derrick Guild will also exhibit eleven paintings from his ongoing label series.  The initial idea came from Velasquez quest to be attributed a higher place within the Spanish court.  Ever After will also include a group of paintings and objects which directly quote from nature.


24 July – 24 August

Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat 10am – 4pm



The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 6HZ