Platform 2017: Uist Corrigan

Uist Corrigan, Platform: 2017. Photo by Johnny Barrington. 

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Platform: 2017 showcases new work by artists Uist Corrigan, Rebecca Howard, Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte and Adam Quinn.

Uist Corrigan draws upon craft and narrative to create functional sculptures that reveal his interest in ideas of story- telling, sculptural process and materials. The gaining of new experiences, stories and skills is key to his practice, and his current role as an artist-technician supports this approach.

Corrigan’s new work, created for Platform: 2017, marks the culmination of a period of research into the making and use of bells. The bell as an object dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. One of the earliest instruments, the sound of the bell is strongly associated with ideas of community, place and religious ritual. In this work, it is used to explore how we as humans have tended to attach meaning and value to the inanimate objects that surround us.

Corrigan has created a mobile bell tower (a collapsible wooden structure supporting a hand-cast bronze bell), which he has transported and installed at a range of sites across Scotland with a particular significance for the artist. Through ringing the bell at these remote locations, Corrigan seeks to create a fundamentally human sound in the landscape; a sound which would communicate to a passer-by, even at some considerable distance, the presence of another human being (the ringer of the bell).

In the exhibition, the bell tower takes on a sculptural presence, and is displayed alongside a series of still images and an ambient recording, documenting the bell in a range of different sites. 


28 July - 27 August
Disabled AccessToilets


The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art
76-78 Lauriston Place,
Edinburgh, EH3 9DE