Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich: How do we slay The Dragon of Profit, Private Ownership and Corporate Greed?

From By leaves we live... not by the jingling of our coins performance, 27 July, 2017. Edinburgh Art Festival opening day.  

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How do we re-imagine dominant mythologies; can a society based on monetary gain re-think its belief systems?

This discussion event employs the metaphor of the 'Dragon of Profit and Private Ownership' (originally displayed on a Northumberland Mine Workers banner in a bid for social reform) to ask: what are the alternative systems that offer common ownership and re-align values with the natural world? Building on radical thinking from the turn of the century, speakers from the field of ecology, economy and the arts are invited to pitch their solutions in a bid to slay the dragon.

Chaired by writer and critic Neil Cooper, with contributions from systems thinker, physicist and human ecologist, David Korowicz, and Nadine Andrews, Visiting Researcher at the Lancaster University Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business.

David Korowicz is a systems thinker, physicist and human systems ecologist. He is interested in large-scale systemic risk arising from the convergence of global financial instability and ecological constraints in the context of an increasingly complex and integrated globalised economy.  

Nadine Andrews is Visiting Researcher, Lancaster University Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business. Her work is concerned with supporting individuals and organisations to live in more harmonious relationship with the natural world. Her transdisciplinary PhD investigated psychosocial factors influencing responses to ecological crisis. 

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