Wendy McMurdo: Let's Go to a Place 

Wendy McMurdo, Young Boy (ix), 2016. Image by Wendy McMurdo.

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Edinburgh-born artist Wendy McMurdo uses photography to observe and document the relationships between children and computers. Her portraits are of contemporary children, caught between the imaginary digital landscape and the real world.

Last summer, McMurdo documented a class of Edinburgh children in their final days of primary school. It was also the summer of Pokémon Go and she noticed how children ‘roamed the city, inhabiting two worlds at the same time - one geographic and one imaginary’.

This site-specific installation is a series of portraits presenting the multiple subjectivities of a generation of digital natives, to be discovered throughout the atmospheric galleries of the Museum of Childhood. 


27 July - 4 September
Mon, Thurs-Sat, 10am-5pm
Sun 12noon-5pm